Love… buttons!

Who doesn’t love buttons these days, they are no longer a functional commodity, we now realise their true potential and beauty. Buttons are colourful, pretty, cute and yet nostalgic all rolled into one. For me, they conjure up memories of haberdashery shops and longingly looking at the little drawers full of buttons as if they were sweets. Some shiny, some sparkly, some teeny tiny and some so big, the only thing you can imagine them stitched onto is a giants cardigan. And as you shut those funny long drawers, the jangle of the buttons tinkling together is music to your childish ears….enough reminiscing, let’s make a card with them!

button card
You will need
A ruler
A pencil
Pretty buttons
A needle
Letter stamps
An ink pad

To make your card, use your ruler to draw a line in pencil where you want your buttons to be. Place your buttons over the line. With a protective board underneath, make holes with your needle where the button holes are. This will make it easier to sow and make sure the buttons end up in a neat row. Using a pretty thread, sow on your buttons.
Now make another pencil line underneath and print your greeting neatly on the line. When the ink is completely dry, gently rub out your pencil lines. With a piece of paper the same size as your card, fold in half, glue down the centre of the card and attach to form the insert to write your message on.


7 thoughts on “Love… buttons!

  1. Would you believe I was lying in bed this morning trying to think of an idea for making cards as there’s a few I really need to write..and then as I was eating my breakfast (your Good Mood Breakfast granola might I add!) my phone beeped with your Love Buttons post! How simply perfect! I have quite a delightful collection of buttons, so I can now put them to good use. Once again, thank you Naomi for the inspiration:)

    • Ooh thank you Sorrell, you’ve made my day with such lovely comments….glad your enjoying the granola by the way, have to say I’ve been lazy of late and have been on the porridge, but now that the weather is picking up and you’ve reminded me, I think I’ll make up a batch!

  2. I have a bit of a grudge against buttons, as my Mum used to keep them in a Roses tin, and every now and then I’d find the tin and think “Oooooh Roses!” But the crushing disappointment of opening it up and finding … gah! … buttons! … cut me like a knife every time. And to make matters worse – the tin still smelt of Roses. Bah!

    So yes. I do have a bit of a grudge against buttons.

    • Lol, love the fact that they have a completely different nostalgic memory for you, I would never have dreamt they could have had that affect on anyone! Maybe I could send you guys, an anniversary card with roses glued on the front!

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