No eggs so flowers?!!

We’ve been getting chickens forever, and yet still no clucking going on in my garden. One day, one day, on the up side, my stash of egg boxes is stacking up nicely on top of the refrigerator but something had to be done with the over flow….
A big ball of egg box flowers? The kids love painting so this kept them entertained over the midterm break. It’s purpose apart from that, I’m a little unsure of but I suppose it’ll look pretty hanging in the girls room?


egg box art, flower ball

You’ll need
Egg boxes
Coloured paper clips
Polystyrene sphere

First of all cut I the first two egg cups from the rest of the box.


Then cut in half so you have two cups.


Cut one so that it has four pointy sides and cut the other so it has four rounded sides.


Continue to cut more of each.


Paint the rounded ones pretty colours with a contrasting dot in the middle. Paint the pointy ones green. Leave to dry.
Place the coloured ones inside the green ones. Using an unfurled paper clip the same colour as the centre of the flower, pin it into the polystyrene ball. Fill the ball up with all your flowers and finally attach your ribbon to hang!


2 thoughts on “No eggs so flowers?!!

  1. I must say you’re so talented. I would never have thought of such a wonderful idea…thanks the photo looks awesome. I thought they were real flowers!

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