Toffee…from 1926

I’ve been wrapped up in a novel set in the 1920s, the very time “Tried favourites cookery book” was written, so I feel a definite connection with it. This book was lovingly passed on to me by a family friend in her 80s, so it’s rather special. Whilst thumbing through it, entertaining myself with the way things were written back then, my eye caught an advertisement in the back for nestle condensed milk with a recipe for homemade toffee. I’m so caught up in the romance of cooking something from the 1920s I just can’t resist, Im sure Mrs Patmore in Downton Abbey would have rustled this up as a little treat for lady Mary!

Nestlé’s homemade toffee
1 tin of nestle condensed milk
5 oz granulated sugar
3 oz butter
1 tablespoon golden syrup

Melt the butter and sugar together, add the condensed milk and syrup. Boil slowly for 15 minutes, stirring all the time. Before removing from the fire(1926 remember!) flavour with vanilla essence. Pour into a well buttered tin, and when cool mark into small squares. This makes 1lb. 7 oz.mof toffee.


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