Hungry??? Cheesy smashed cannellini bean, red jalapeño n sliced courgette quesadilla

If your getting bored of the good ol sambo, give this a try, it’s totally yummy, satisfying and dare I say a healthier option. It ticks all the boxes and is so quick to make….what are you waiting for?…

cheesy smashed cannelloni bean, red jalapeño n sliced courgette quesadilla
2 tortillas
Tinned cannellini beans
Red jalapeños
Spring onion chopped
Very finely sliced courgette
Grated cheddar cheese

Start by smashing up about a two thirds of a 400g tin of cannelloni beans(minus the water)Finely grate a 1/4 of a garlic clove and mix into the beans along with some fresh thyme leaves. Put your griddle pan onto a medium heat and place your tortilla on, spreading the smashed cannelloni beans all over. Next throw on a generous sprinkle of red jalapeños and spring onion. Layer on the courgette, grated cheese then another tortilla. Cook on that side until the tortilla has beautiful golden lines from the griddle pan. Turn and cook that side the same and you see the cheese is starting to ooze. Slice into quarters….feeds one very hungry person or two smaller appetites!


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