While away a happy hour with the children….parachuting!

My eldest son is an inventor, also an engineer….he astounds me with his inventions and engineering feats, sometimes made with lego, sometimes with timber and a few bits and bobs, really the ten year old mind can be so creative. That is, if you give it the chance….and don’t smother it with too much tv or playstation. I just had to share with you his little creation, which entertained my lot for hours this holiday.


lego men parachutes
1 lego man
1 tesco sandwich bag (the cheapest ones)very fine thin plastic

Cut the bottom of the bag straight off so you have a tube. Cut down one side to open it up. Cut again to make a square. Measure about 35cm of wool and cut two pieces this length.
Knot the wool onto the end of one corner and bring it over and knot the corner furthest away with the other end of the wool. Do the same on the other two corners.


Lift the lego mans arms up and tightly place the middle of one peice of wool under his arm and turn his arm down over the wool to secure. Do the same with the other arm. Now your ready to find somewhere to parachute your lego man. Have fun!


2 thoughts on “While away a happy hour with the children….parachuting!

  1. I absolutely loved this blog post, it’s just brilliant! E has such an inventive mind! Himself and my lad must go into business together when they grow up because my lad has plans to be an inventor (specialising in robots) or an engineer!

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