Homemade Jelly/jello with real orange juice

Making homemade jelly isn’t as hard as you’d think, in fact, dare I say it’s easier than the packet type. There’s no snipping up jelly cubes and stirring endlessly until they’re melted, but rather a soaking of clear leaves that resemble leadlight windows for a few minutes until soft and then a quick stir into the heated fruit juice. Really that’s it…there’s not much in it and seeing as you can make any flavour you desire it’s defiantly the better option as you can use real fruit juice, and no artificial anything!

zingy orange jelly/jello
5 gelatine leaves
650ml orange juice
1 lemon juiced
3 tbsp sugar
This fills a mould that holds just over 650ml. Measure how much your mould holds and adjust the recipe accordingly.
With the a little of the orange and lemon juice, soak the gelatine leaves for around four minutes. Meanwhile put the remaining juice in a pan and heat till barely simmering. Stir in the sugar till dissolved. Take off the heat and one by one mix in the gelatine leaves till melted. Pour into your mould and leave to set and chill. When fully set dip mould into a basin of hot water to loosen the edges for a few seconds and turn out into a plate.


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