Spanish or Italian, I can’t decide…

We all have those days when we don’t want to slave over the hot stove and if you have some left over spuds this is the perfect recipe. But, Is it a tortilla or is it a frittata, please help me decide….the ingredients tend to a spanish tortilla more than an Italian frittata but basically they are the same as our much loved omelette, which I have to say, really is French. It’s seems though that every country has their own version of this basic homemade dish, so who can claim it as their own I don’t know!

chorizo leek and potato tortilla

2 tablespoons of butter
2 leeks sliced into thick rings
400g of cooked potatoes chopped into chunks
1 chorizo ring chopped into chunks
6 eggs
100g cheese ( be adventurous )
Salt n pepper

Melt your butter in a large non stick frying pan. Add your leeks and gently soften them on both sides for about 5 minutes. Add the chorizo and fry them off till golden. Add your chopped potatoes, salt and pepper and fry for another two minutes. In a bowl crack your eggs, season and whisk them together. Making sure your ingredients are nicely spaced out in the frying pan, pour the eggs over to cover everything. Turn the heat right down and slowly cook. When nearly cooked but still raw on top, sprinkle over your cheese and thyme. Put under a hot grill and finish cooking until the cheese is all melty and golden. Serve with a salad and some crispy bread..yum mmm.


One thought on “Spanish or Italian, I can’t decide…

  1. We call dishes that are a mixture of cultures/cusines Gach Rud ehich means everything….so name it something yourself or ask the kids…looks delicious x

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