Pretty lanterns

We all remember making these at school, a little more rudimentary maybe but the concept is still the same. Any room could be brightened up with these pretty little gems, and depending on what card you have, they could be pretty and soft, bold and bright or even monochrome. Just have fun and let the kids join in!

Coloured card,various
Craft glue
Craft knife

Cut your card to about 26 cm x 12 cm, basically you want a long rectangle. Fold in half on the length.

On some thick cardboard, use your knife to score lines 1cm from the top down to 1cm from the bottom, spaced 1 cm from each other all the way across your rectangle. Glue the height together at the edge. Using contrasting card cut a 1cm thin strip 25cm long. Glue the strip to the top of your lantern. I used some pegs to hold in place till it drys. Cut another strip and do the same on the bottom of the lantern.

Make five more the same but with different coloured card. When dry tie some cord from one side of the top to the other and string onto a long length of cord. Find the perfect place to enjoy your pretty lanterns.


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