Oh the things that could go wrong!


I’m writing this, midway through baking what I hope will be a large red velvet cake. It’s to bring to a party, thus why it’s large. I have a recipe for a 20 cm tin stacked 3 high, I like the recipe as its turned out pretty good before, but I am winging it this time. One because I’m using a 25 cm tin and two cause I’m halving the recipe again so that hopefully I’ll get two large cakes instead of three small ones. But now I’m half way through I think I should have used the 30 cm tin instead. Oh well, in writing this I hope you’ll understand that I’m learning and I’m not so good at the winging it thing. And surely you don’t want to just hear about my successes in the kitchen. I know I’m setting myself up for disaster but I’m slightly hopeful, I mean the ingredients alone would be a waste. It’s just that I’m not sure if you can just make a cake like that bigger, should I have changed the temperature for example or how long is it going to take to cook. Right now my first batch is in the oven and I’m scared to look…but I will keep you posted on how things go and if, just if, it does turn out, I will give you the recipe.


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