Going Russian


Last Wednesday,the rain poured out of the heavens like that of the epic flood. Having spent an hour clearing out the girls room, I surveyed my surroundings. Yes it looked tidy but the walls looked grubby, so I felt completely dissatisfied that things looked any better. Considering the weather and the fact I wasn’t bringing my two year old out in it, I had the bright idea to freshen up the room with a lick of paint, sure how long would it take?!
Well,lets say by five thirty I’d no dinner cooked and I was only washing out the brushes. And all I had accomplished was a white room, nothing pretty or fancy,that was it.
So what was I going to do on the walls?  The girls wanted butterfly’s, hearts, the usual. I promise I did consider it but come on,surely there was something just a little bit different…. So there it was…Russian dolls…pretty but not hearts and it’s not that I don’t like hearts, just lets be a small bit original.

Excited about my new idea, I went off to the hardware shop and bought four beautiful testers,bright pink, turquoise, yellow and a coffee colour. Anxious to get started, I got my husbands level out to make sure it was going to be a half professional job!  On the line we stenciled a cute little saying for the dolls to “sit “on. Next we made our doll templates. This all took longer than I thought as I wanted them to look right,so once I’d taped them to the wall I could start the actual painting.


Well, after many days of doing a bit here and doing a bit there,I’ve finally got it finished…Its now Tuesday and I step back and survey the room,I’m happy with the final outcome but my eyes drift to the bedspread which does have butterflies on it! I suppose I’m going to need a new project to be excited about….where can I get a plain white double duvet to customise?….



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