So you know those days when you feel incredibly lazy, you put a movie on for the kids and end up snuggled up with them instead of hanging that washing out, well today was one of them. The laziness didn’t go away and the thought of making dinner was too great. Cereal was suggested as a substitute, but my motherly instincts wouldn’t let me, cereal is saved for those emergency situations when really all else fails. Seeing as ninety nine percent of the time they are fed good wholesome dinners the occasional lazy day is ok. So dropped scones it is! This news goes down well with the kids and there’s a scurrying around getting favourite toppings on to the table. The great thing about these is they cook up fast and everyone gets one at the same time, unlike pancakes which can’t cook up quick enough.so it’s win win really.

Dropped Scones with Jam

Dropped Scones with Jam

Dropped scones
225g self raising flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 level tablespoon caster sugar
1 egg
1/2 pint of milk

make a batter

make a batter

Mix dry ingredients. Add the egg and start slowly mixing in the milk to make a batter. Brush hot pan with butter and drop small rounds of batter on to the pan with a tablespoon.
Cook until bubbles appear on the surface.

cook until bubbles appear

cook until bubbles appear

Then turn and cook for two minutes or until cooked through.


Serve hot with butter and jam or Nutella, lemon curd or maple syrup.


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